A talented menage of passionate creatives seasoned in the art of driving sales for their clients.

Behind the technology (and their black wardrobes) are people who care about their craft and whose sole purpose in life is delivering results.

Creative Image is as passionate about growing your business as you are. Our technology and strategic marketing initiatives are designed to help you acquire new customers, build stronger relationships with your current customers and increase your bottom line. We deliver best-in-class websites, technology and e-marketing products, print materials and integrated marketing campaigns that achieve measurable results for our clients.

George Diefenbach

George Diefenbach, Executive Creative Director, proves to be Creative Image's man of many talents. Art director, designer, programmer and musician -- blending all to run a rather disciplinary art department (especially during his pre-coffee phase). Better known as the Count of Creative Image for his gentlemanly manner and monochromatic wardrobe, George brings an element of mystique to the table. But this Count is also a skillful algorithmic thinker. Really, "algorithmic" cannot be stressed enough. As a structured artist, we are pretty sure if we were to dissect his brain, a wave of obscure geometric style would come pouring out -- having the chaotic appeal of a Miro piece, with the organization of Escher and the mechanical texture of Giger… with a few 8 bit pixels left over from his ATARI 2600 days thrown in for kicks.

Frank Russo

With tactics and experience gained from working with hundreds of marketing professionals over the past 25 years, Creative Image’s producer and resident funny guy, Frank Russo learned first-hand the challenges that these marketers face. Frank understands that marketing is an investment – not an expense – and that every dollar invested must return a value greater than that dollar. Confident there was a better way to improve his client’s bottom line, he created the "Conversion Beast" concept to help clients meet the demands of a competitive marketplace and adhere to tight deadlines and lean budgets. When he's not concocting impressive imaginative monsters, Frank can be found playing Iron Maiden solos on his air guitar and downing sugar-free Red Bulls like precious water.

John Cook

To cut his design chops; John Cook attended The School of Visual Arts, in NYC. But, John’s considerable talent for design is not the only thing that defines him. Along with meticulous design skills, he also thrives at writing code, and considers HTML, Java Script, etc. as the ultimate canvas for many of his designs. With stealth-like focus, John helps Creative Image create memorable branded communications. In fact, he is so locked in at work, you could drop a bomb next to John and he wouldn’t stop defining pixels. What does grab his attention? Ask him, he just may whisper an answer. At home, John’s into classic rock music and creating animated shorts, which we find funny, cause at work he’s so unanimated and laid back.

Dave R

Dave brings the heat with sweet lines of code. A master of languages from Javascript, HTML and CSS to Android, iOS and Portuguese. Ask him to build a platform and he’ll jump into Superhero mode. But, every super hero has their Kryptonite. For Dave its birds. He will stop in his tracks to take care of his Cockatiel, Parakeets and his bright green Love Bird named Bucket. However, Bucket recently died of natural causes. and was laid out in a shoe box for visitors to pay respects for over a month, until he was finally buried in the shade of the family plum tree. Dave has recovered from the devastating loss and is back at work coding with the speed of The Flash and dexterity of Gambit.

Steve Biegle

Steve Biegel brings years of brand experience and closets full of industry awards to every project. He was a David Ogilvy Award winner, Cannes finalist, Multiple Effie recipient, to name a few. He also brings a witty mind full of curiosity for what’s the best way to persuade an audience and a keen sense of humor to help craft memorable messages. Using an irreverent writing style that focuses on user benefits to awaken a desire in a reader to know more about a product or brand, Steve has led campaigns for some of the best agencies on Madison Avenue on Fortune 500 brands. His enormous brand-building credentials helps our shop of misfits produce winning messages for our clients.

Lindsay Maresca

Lindsay Maresca attended NY Institute of Technology where her passion for cartoons and film led her to study animation. She transferred to Farmingdale State University where she discovered her love for Graphic Design. Lindsay’s sweet personality enables her to double up as both an Account Coordinator and outstanding Designer for Creative. Outside of Creative, Lindsay enjoys the true competition of a volleyball game. She also has a romance with painting and on her free time teaches classes on developing skills for landscape and still life compositions ... while enjoying a nice tall glass of vino of course.

Veronica Concilio-Alessandro

Marketing Coordinator Veronica Concilio-Alessandro is the liason between the art department, production team, and clientele. She's quick on her feet, and has an incredibly sharp eye for detail -- she points out all the goals, daily. It helps to keep everyone on point and motivated. She's our SEO and Conversion Rate Optimization Sorceress, and a master at keeping everyone grounded. On top of her skills as the glue of the company, she also manages to proofread all the copy and keep reports up to date. She is a critical asset to our success and therefore our client’s success. Give her a shout.

Kitty Nadi

With fierce style and turbulent sass, Kitty Nadj is frighteningly creative. As our resident front end/user interface designer, her mad scientist level coding skills keep the Creative Image web machine running smoothly. Kitty has been coding since the early Neopets days and is always on the bleeding edge of html standards and best practices. But her talents aren't limited to ones and zeros, she is a brilliant illustrator with a creative flare for the avant guard (the font, that is). When Kitty is not troubleshooting complex Javascript code or blazing through lines of CSS she keeps close tabs on all our social outlets - making sure the "cool" level is up to her high standards. She may gush when there is a puppy in the room, but will equally shake the earth with her screams as the lead vocalist in her black metal band.

Christian Thomas

Christian Thomas brings an experienced social media skill-set to Creative Image and utilizes those talents to best position our clients for success in the ever changing and always on world of digital mobile communication. His enthusiasm for finding new and interesting social media techniques to help sell products permeates through the entire company. Like many Rock Stars, he is never satisfied. In fact, he hardly sleeps. Or eats. We’ll leave this analogy here. You get the picture.